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Pioneering cogeneration and renewable energy

Gotham 360 specializes in the intersection of environmental challenges and economic issues. We work to access capital markets through partnerships with key investment banks and private lenders. These partners can bring opportunities for clean technology investment to our clients to meet today's environmental challenges. Our firm has helped arrange financing for energy projects in excess of $50 million in sectors as diverse as solar, wind, geothermal, energy-efficiency, green transportation, and advanced biofuels.

Many of our clients have a strong desire to purchase "green" power. Gotham 360 provides advisory services and information about buying green power, such as different types of green power products and the benefits of green power purchasing, including how to capture the greatest benefit from your purchase.

What is cogeneration?

Industrial and large commercial facilities, such as medical, institutional, and research buildings, have high-process loads and heating and cooling requirements that are critical to their day-to-day operations. These facilities require both thermal energy and electricity, which have traditionally been produced in two separate processes. With Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology, also known as cogeneration, energy and electricity can be produced as a single process, using energy twice as efficiently as a traditional energy delivery model.

Gotham 360 has conducted many comprehensive CHP feasibility studies for hospitals, universities, hotels, and more. For our clients who want to explore the business value of CHP, Gotham 360 can assemble and lead teams of professionals to deliver additional services, including detailed studies, schematic designs, and CHP project management. Through years of experience and deep relationships with distributors and developers, Gotham 360 provides exceptional service to meet each customer's energy needs.