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Sustaining Your Energy Future Through Innovative Solutions

Gotham 360 is a full-service energy consulting and management firm located in New York City with over 30 years of combined experience and expertise. We assist our clients in effectively and efficiently managing energy risks and challenges. We work from the inside out, fully integrating ourselves into each organization’s teams and programs so that we can help them source the most innovative and cost-effective energy solutions available.

The Gotham 360 Story

In May 2008, industry leader Jennifer Kearney parlayed her position as the Director of Energy Programs for the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare network into her own energy management and consulting firm. Kearney founded Gotham 360 based on offering her clients a holistic approach to energy management from every direction. In addition, Gotham 360 is proud to be a certified woman-owned business with an industry-wide, national reputation as a trusted advisor on energy management.

For more than a decade, we have partnered with universities, commercial and residential real estate, government agencies, and organizations within the healthcare and hospitality industries to develop successful energy management programs. Through rigorous thinking and planning, proven methodologies, a deep understanding of the latest technologies, and a proactive approach, Gotham 360 has helped hundreds of organizations increase their energy efficiency and manage the bottom line.

The Gotham 360 Difference

Gotham 360 has always been dedicated to offering unparalled service, surpassing conventional energy consultants by applying best practices right from the start. While working closely with all of our clients, we actively share our knowledge, provide support, and utilize our expertise. As a result, we are recognized as an ENERGY STAR Service Provider who delivers superior service with integrity, every time.

The majority of today’s companies constantly deal with energy cost issues and sustainability challenges, some that they might not even be aware of. That's where we come in. With the help of Gotham 360, your business has the ability to make better decisions on both the supply and demand sides of the energy continuum. We have optimized small to large energy portfolios through the deployment of best practices and introduction of established technologies, employing successful energy conservation programs and managing deregulated energy portfolios (click here to view our case studies).

By collaborating with Gotham 360, your company gains a fully transparent and hard-working team of forward-thinking professionals who are passionate about delivering effective energy programs that achieve merited success. Connect with us today and let us discuss how we can assist your company in achieving your specific energy goals while developing a successful energy future. When you partner with us, you'll gain experience, expertise, and a proven track record of results, every step of the way.

Our Organization

As a national energy consulting firm, we provide a seamless, integrated service, marked by accessibility, reliability, and efficiency at every level of the energy solutions process. The Gotham 360 team has been collaborating since 2006 in New York and since 2008, has successfully expanded our coverage into national deregulated markets. Our offices are located in downtown Manhattan at 48 Wall Street.

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