Gotham 360

About Us

Why Work With Us?

Gotham 360 provides clients with a team of trusted advisors who understand the energy landscape. Our team collaborates with each individual client to develop and deploy successful energy management programs that reduce operational costs, improve your carbon footprint, and increase efficiency.

A certified woman-owned business in a male-dominated sector, the Gotham 360 team uses 30 years of collective experience in all facets of energy management. Despite an unpredictable environment and fast-moving energy markets, we deploy a long-term procurement strategy so our clients can take advantage of deeper cost savings opportunities. We work to have our client’s accomplishments recognized both regionally and nationally with industry awards, giving them further opportunity for future savings.

Individualized Energy Management Solutions

Gotham 360 solves each client’s individual energy sustainability challenges and risks by establishing a well-structured planning and purchasing process from the issuance of a RFP to the execution of a transaction. Each individual project and strategy is designed based on delivering excellent service in a fully transparent manner. Every one of our clients benefits from our high standards, ensuring that there is no concealed agenda for selling equipment, service contracts, or utility commodities.

The Power to Innovate

Located in the heart of New York’s financial district on Wall Street, the Gotham 360 office is part of a technology startup small business incubator featuring a dynamic and diverse group of innovative young companies. Visit us and you’ll find that our passion for sustainability dominates what we do in and out of the office, whether it’s using tree-free paper made from recycled sugarcane by-product or converting more than 100 NYC buildings from distillate fuel oil heating to clean natural gas and significantly reducing city-wide GHG emissions since our founding.

As we expand, we also continue to support our community, providing mentoring for other woman-owned businesses through NAWBO and dispatching our staff to conferences all over the country for training on the latest industry trends. Our focus for bringing sustainable energy solutions to both our clients and the community continues to evolve as we stay connected to the pulse of what’s happening in the energy markets.

At Gotham 360, we’re more than just a company you hire to manage your energy and power needs. Our team becomes your team, focusing on establishing a sustainable future over a long-term period. By collaborating with us, you become a part of a much larger information exchange. Our clients are a part of our team as much as we become a part of yours.

Contact us today to learn more about how Gotham 360 can work to help your company save money and become more sustainable with smarter energy management.