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Full-Service Energy Management & Consulting

Our energy management and consulting solutions transcend conventional service providers. We are trusted advisors and facilitators with the resources to execute proven energy management strategies. Gotham 360 provides the relevant energy consulting expertise you need with an individualized approach that works with your energy sustainability and procurement goals. Our team provides a number of services including:

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Energy Management Strategies

In today’s market, it’s no longer an option to avoid sustainability, especially when it pertains to energy strategies. Gotham 360’s unique consulting approach covers 360 degrees of energy management, effectively lowering costs and improving the energy performance of your buildings. With over 30 years of combined energy consulting experience, our team focuses on a variety of perspectives to help you execute an individualized approach to your specific energy procurement needs.

As regulation decreases and reliance on market factors in electricity and fossil fuel increase, commercial consumers can take advantage of enormous benefits. However, potential for substantial risks remain. To mitigate risks for our clients and integrate sustainable cost-effective energy strategies, Gotham 360 executes a “layered hedging” strategy for each individual client, purchasing predetermined percentages of a firm’s energy requirements over a multi-year time frame. This approach yields consistent results, meets budget goals, and reduces hedge premiums.

At Gotham 360, we aggressively pursue the embedded strategies in design and operations for a high performance building while carefully balancing these choices with a strong lifecycle cost-modeling approach. With our award-winning energy consulting team, you can rest assured that even though the future is uncertain, your company is prepared.

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