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Demand Management Program Enablement

As an experienced energy advisor, Gotham 360 can help you determine what strategies make sense for your company, including participation in a Demand Response Program.

These national programs represent a significant opportunity for our clients to earn revenue in exchange for a commitment to curtail their electric load through on-site generation or energy conservation methods.

Gotham 360 serves as a conduit to Demand Response Programs, giving our clients the opportunity to not only receive compensation for how much and how quickly their energy load can be moved, but also to take advantage of broad wholesale rates when prices are high—reducing the need for more expensive power plants. Our team does all the work for you, including:

  • Sourcing through a competitive landscape
  • Evaluation of technologies to enable and improve demand response earnings
  • Bid/Response evaluation
  • Contracting process (from initial review to execution stages)
  • Ongoing performance and payment auditing

Through these nationwide programs, the impact of emergencies, sudden surges, and periodic spikes on price are greatly reduced, allowing you to cut costs, produce revenue, and further your energy sustainability. With Gotham 360’s assistance, we help our clients maximize their revenue potential in a measured way.

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