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Utility Bill Auditing & Rate Analysis

Since 2007, the Gotham 360 team has been auditing utility bills using our proprietary software, providing clients with costs savings and long-term benefits including budgeting, forecasting, and energy management. Our audit team works to discover, analyze, and correct errors in all utility bills from electricity to wastewater, storm water, and alternative energy accounts. Should our team find an error, we negotiate on your behalf, eliminating extra costs, while optimizing your bills and your company’s workload.

Over the decade, we've found that because billing inaccuracies, energy may be costing you more than it should be due to complex utility tariff structures and errors that can easily hide amid the many cost-line items. Our comprehensive approach to rate analysis and utility bill auditing includes a bill verification process with up to 60 audits and checks, such as gross receipt tax, time of use options, sales tax, and special transmission and distribution tariffs.

Gotham 360's innovative software helps to automatically spot a variance in historical trends, allowing our utility auditing team to open an inquiry. All utility cost savings are tracked and identified across an entire portfolio, giving you confidence that your budget is being met.

See how our Utility Bill Auditing services can help you budget, forecast, and manage energy more effectively.

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