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Utility Bill Management & Reporting

Managing utility bills can pose a significant challenge to today's multi-facility organizations. We've found that utility bill management is often a disorganized effort, with energy bills reviewed, processed, and paid by accounting instead of utility bill experts.

Companies who use experts in utility data management and reporting can proactively manage and lower their costs, while reporting on sustainability goals and protocols.

Better Utility Data Management with the Energy Information Dashboard

When it comes to making the best decisions for your business, what you don't know can hurt you. Gotham 360 works to increase energy efficiency and decrease expenditures by using the correct data. Our Energy Information Dashboard provides our clients with a fully automated turnkey solution to the challenges associated with utility bill and data management. This alleviates the heavy and complicated burden on our clients, while potentially achieving significant utility bill savings.

The Energy Information Dashboard is continuously populated with timely, accurate, and actionable information, providing the transparency that's needed when examining energy and facility data. In addition to our rate experts and cloud-based utility management system, our clients can maximize their utility bill savings, access energy spend reports, and feel confident in making important and strategic energy decisions. With our system our clients are able to:

  • View Benchmark Building Performance
  • Easily identify energy outliers and benchmark buildings against internal peer groups
  • Prioritize opportunities for efficiency improvements based on relative building performance
  • Report on sustainability and efficiency metrics
  • Calculate carbon footprint for a single site or a global portfolio
  • Push data to portfolio manager account for automated Energy Star scores
  • Comply with emerging local and state energy legislation

See how our Energy Information Dashboard can help you effectively manage utility bills.

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