Energy as a Service

Energy as a Service is an off-balance sheet funding methodology that empowers building owners to upgrade their facilities, improve overall energy efficiency and drive down operational expenses, without the need for additional capital. We use the guaranteed energy savings to offset the cost of your building upgrades.

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Case Study: NYU Medical Center

NYU Langone Medical Center

Generating Cost Savings In Both Flexible and Non-Flexible Energy Operations


With an energy spend exceeding over $40M across all energy types, NYU Langone Medical Center, consisting of the NYU Medical Center (Superblock) and six additional portfolios, sought to partner with a knowledgeable company to manage day-to-day transactional execution and overall energy procurement activity for two different building types.


Gotham 360 employed a creative approach to energy procurement to achieve the lowest unit cost while managing the overall risk of budget variance for both flexible and non-flexible facilities.


NYU Langone Medical Center consists of two different types of facilities – those that feature a cooling capacity that is provided by both electric and non-electric assets, and those that lack this specific operational flexibility. Gotham 360 was able to generate savings in both facility types through two approaches: utilizing time-of-day pricing and dynamic peak shaving for flexible facilities, and pursuing deregulated energy products that contain more fixed positions to manage overall cost risk for less-flexible facilities.

Ongoing Achievements:

Gotham 360 has been providing several energy management services to NYU Langone Medical Center since 2008, which have included establishing a Demand Response Strategy, a monthly invoice review, and working closely with its finance department to develop annual utility cost forecasts. Since 2012, Gotham 360 has also supported the “Energy Building” project, consisting of an 8MW gas turbine, a 1.7MW steam turbine generator, and two standby boilers. Gotham 360’s research and analysis became the underpinning of the investment in a combined heat and power system. When the project was completed, the Gotham 360 team enacted a dynamic purchasing approach to secure the source fuel for the CHP system, while monitoring the positions taken on natural gas daily. In addition, Gotham 360 continues to provide support of CHP development, assisting in energy efficiency incentive programs and working to evaluate alternate financing mechanisms.

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Woman Owned

Women Owned

When Gotham 360 was founded in 2007, there were just over 7.8 million women-owned businesses nationally. As of 2018, roughly 12.3 million companies in the U.S. are led by women, employing nearly 9.2 million people, generating $1.8 trillion in revenue. Women-owned businesses are a driving force in the modern, global economy

WBENC Certified Women-Owned Business

Gotham 360 takes stewardship of the environment very seriously. Likewise, we have built our business model around creating a lasting, positive impact on the lives of women both in and out of the energy industry. Through strategic partnerships, mentoring programs and ongoing community involvement, Gotham 360 is empowering young women to change the world.

As a proud WBENC Certified Women Owned Business, Gotham 360 embraces the organization's credo that "Diversity promotes innovation, opens doors, and creates partnerships that fuel the economy."

To be recognized as an enterprising woman is both a great honor and extremely humbling. Like many women who try to do too much, I can often feel like nothing is being done as well as it could be and that goals are not being attained. Taking the time to step back and truly review the achievements made has been very satisfying.

Jennifer Kearney

Mentoring Tomorrow's Leaders

In the male-dominated field of energy, Gotham 360 has made it a priority to collaborate with young, ambitious women looking to break into the business. We are proud to support and actively participate in a number of mentorship programs, geared towards women:

iMentor - Gotham 360 employees partner with high school students, assisting them through college application process and providing additional support during the first year of college.

The Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) and The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program Entry Program (CSTEP), Sister to Sister Program at Barnard College - Each year, Gotham 360 collaborates with Barnard College students, offering interested students a chance to seek career advice and internship opportunities in their relevant fields of study, including the energy sector.

QuestBridge Quest for Excellence NYC Award - The Excellence NYC Award is a local initiative of the national QuestBridge Quest organization. Gotham 360 works with QuestBridge Quest, to create opportunities for talented, high-achieving, low-income high school students and helping them navigate through academic and life choices.

Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) - Jennifer Kearney was selected as a keynote speaker, to share her knowledge in career planning, time management and other life skills to college students.

Women are starting 1,200 new businesses per day they are inventing products, solving problems, creating jobs and supporting their communities. The impact is undeniable and the growth is unprecedented, but we have a long way to go before reaching parity.

National Women’s Business Council

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Case Study: YMCA


NYSERDA Remote Energy Manager Program Deployment with BuildingIQ


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) sought creative proposals from remote energy management service providers that would utilize whole-building level energy data analytics to support energy management, provide insights on energy-savings opportunities, and carry out implementation support activities and/or services that will help customers leverage those insights to achieve energy savings.


Gotham 360, in collaboration with BuildingIQ, was awarded a highly competitive $750,000 grant through the NYSERDA Remote Energy Manager (REM) program to help the YMCA of Greater New York reduce energy consumption across their properties. Our model proposed Gotham 360 as the energy advisor, BuildingIQ as the technology platform, and YMCA of Greater New York as our customer test site.


Buildings, especially older ones, use a lot of energy. Through providing real-time energy usage data to building operators and coupling that data with an advisory service to help identify conservation opportunities, real success can be achieved in driving down energy consumption. YMCA facilities across New York City are being outfitted with BuildingIQ technology packages, and the building operations managers are receiving training on how to use the Dashboard Portfolio UI. Gotham 360 is providing ongoing training and energy management, based on the real-time energy usage data that is collected.

Ongoing Engagement:

Gotham 360 and BuildingIQ meet regularly with executives from the YMCA of Greater New York, as well as operations managers from the individual YMCA facilities in the city. Through ongoing training, open communication and an in-depth analysis of energy usage data, the YMCA is identifying achievable methods to improve operating efficiencies across their portfolio. In turn, these small changes in building operations will translate into significant, long-term reductions in overall energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs. The Remote Energy Manager (REM) program is a highly competitive pilot, fully funded by NYSERDA. The initial award to the YMCA was $400,000, with an additional $350,000 available if certain conservation benchmarks are reached. We are confident that our team will help the YMCA achieve the levels of energy-savings required for the second tranche of funds to be released.

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