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Integrating Healthcare Satisfaction With Energy Sustainability

As the healthcare industry continues to adapt to emerging technologies, they must keep their patient’s safety, care, and satisfaction at the forefront. Integrating new technologies while maintaining the needs of patients can be challenging for healthcare companies who are attempting to improve their space and care without any interruption in service, which can be difficult for a facility that is operating 24/7.

Client Solution:

Gotham 360 assists healthcare clients in not only meeting energy goals, but doing so while keeping client care as their first priority. Serving as expert consultants, the Gotham 360 team provides insider knowledge on technology, sustainability, and energy management, working with healthcare clients to make improvements to their space, reach energy goals, and maintain a high level of patient care. Through the use of CHP (combined heat and power), lighting upgrades, and retrofits, our healthcare clients are given the tools and information needed to meet today’s challenges.

  • Gotham 360 assists healthcare companies in seamlessly integrating patient care with energy efficient technology without service interruption.
  • The Gotham 360 serves as expert consultants, providing healthcare clients with insider knowledge on technology, sustainability, and energy management.
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