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Merging the Past with the Present to Build a More Sustainable Future in Real Estate

To improve energy efficiency, real estate companies find themselves working within limited budgets and dated technology commonly found in older buildings. To improve energy efficiency, real estate companies must successfully merge old and new technologies while maintaining the integrity of the building’s interior and exterior. Real estate companies must also update buildings with current tenants in mind, making swift action difficult to administer.

Client Solution:

Gotham 360 provides site-specific support for real estate companies, assisting in energy procurement and technology integration. Due to limited budgets, it’s imperative that real estate companies lock in the best price for energy sources, which effectively lower operational costs and reduce greenhouse gasses. The Gotham 360 team serves in an advisory role, assisting companies in combining old and new technologies while finding the latest incentives, rebates, and technology available. On behalf of our clients, Gotham 360 applies for countless awards, helping our clients receive the proper recognition for their work in energy management and sustainability.

  • Gotham 360 assists real estate companies in merging older buildings with newer technology to improve energy sustainability and lower operational costs.
  • Working with limited budgets, the Gotham 360 team serves an advisory role, assisting real estate companies in procuring and locking in the best energy pricing.
  • The Gotham 360 team uses their experience to apply for the latest incentives, rebates, and technology while also helping clients gain recognition for energy management.
Awards and Programs:
  • Tenant Star by Energy Star
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