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As an active member of the energy community, Gotham 360 strives to participate in various local and national events, organizations, and certifications, promoting both our work and our clients. The Gotham 360 team, known for being one of the nation’s leading energy providers, remains a recurrent presence in the media, sharing our knowledge of how to manage energy risks and challenges in today’s environment. For more information, please contact us.

Sustainable Possibilities

Determining feasibility, realizing potential efficiency of a healthcare microgrid.

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Proposed East Bronx Healthcare microgrid design mitigates risk for four hospitals

The East Bronx Healthcare Microgrid was announced as one of 11 winners to receive a $1,000,000 grant from NY Prize, a statewide initiative focused on modernizing New York State's electricity grid.

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Hiring and Managing Millennials

For companies that thrive on innovation—such as those in the energy industry—taking an out-of-the-box approach to hiring and managing personnel can be a key aspect to an organization's overall growth strategy.

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East Bronx Healthcare Microgrid Team receives $1,000,000 State grant based on Gotham 360's feasibility study in the NY Prize Competition

As featured by District Energy

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East Bronx Healthcare Microgrid

As featured by Building Energy Exchange

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The East Bronx Healthcare Microgrid Team Receives a $1,000,000 State Grant Based on Gotham 360's Feasibility Study in the NY Prize Competition

The East Bronx Healthcare Microgrid was announced by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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Improving Energy Efficiency of Data Centers Across the Gotham Portfolio of Clients

Set to be one of the world's fastest growing energy consumers, the rise of data centers has increased rapidly along with the growth of digital content, cloud, social media and internet traffic.

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District Energy: Columbia University's Campus Energy Renewal Project

Modernizing infrastructure, lowering emissions.

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Using (Entrepreneurial) Energy Wisely

Jennifer Kearney has built her consulting firm, Gotham 360, on a foundation of ethical business practices, family values and giving back.

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Breakthrough Magazine: High-rise Sustainability

Helping commercial property owners cut energy costs and go green.

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Inside Ashe: New York-Presbyterian Hospital Wins Again

Every year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes top partners in its voluntary ENERGY STAR program that have made outstanding contributions to energy efficiency and environmental protection.

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Inside Ashe: What It Takes to Win - New York-Presbyterian Hospital Goes to Washington

Energy management could very well be your strongest PR opportunity as a healthcare engineer.

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