A Note from Our Founder and CEO Denouncing Anti-Black Violence

This morning I gathered my team to kick off the week and discuss our collective goals, as we always do on Mondays. Today, our regularly scheduled virtual meeting was instead a discussion about the only thing on all of our minds right now: racial injustice.

We are deeply saddened by the horribly unnecessary and violent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the innumerable names that came before theirs.

We are outraged that this level of racial injustice continues to flourish in the year 2020.

As a mother of a white child, I know that I don’t have to be fearful of his future. He can walk around freely, drive a car, feel safe in his home, and enjoy all the liberties that white people enjoy in this country without fear of the police, criminal justice system, and other institutions that are meant to protect us.

This is the reality that we all deserve, but it's not true (and never has been) for millions of people in this country.

There is only one conversation right now & it is about changing the system that has oppressed black people and other marginalized communities. I acknowledge my white privilege and am outraged by the system that is set up to protect me at the exclusion of others.

It’s our collective commitment to turn this moment in our history into a turning point for change. Using the platform we have, Gotham 360 will be highlighting the great work of some of our colleagues and even our competitors who are diversity-owned. We are connecting to others in our communities and asking ourselves the tough questions about race, and we pledge to be the change we want to see. God bless you all.

- Jennifer Kearney, Founder and CEO of Gotham 360

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