Gotham360's Incentive Management Services Secures a $1.2 Million Check for Columbia University's Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Gotham360's Incentive Management Services Secures a $1.2 Million Check for Columbia University's Commitment to Energy Efficiency
Many industries are just beginning to understand the impact of utilizing Incentive Management services, which can result in rebates and tax incentives for energy efficient programs and buildings. Gotham360 has partnered with countless organizations including universities, hospitals, and commercial property owners in an effort to take advantage of existing incentive programs.

Most recently, Columbia University looked to Gotham 360 for assistance in procuring incentives related to their increasing number of energy efficient programs. Through the ConEdison Demand Management Program, Gotham 360 was able to secure Columbia University an incentive check of $1.2 million. As a ConEdison market partner, Gotham 360 was familiar with this program, which offers a number of enhanced incentives for institutions that employ energy efficient technology to improve operational performance of buildings, while reducing electric demand.

Many organizations may not even realize that they're eligible for money back on energy efficient projects that they're either currently engaged in or considering for future developments. With the help of Gotham 360's insider knowledge, institutions have been able to take advantage of state rebates and tax incentives, helping them to increase their sustainability while maintaining their bottom line.

Gotham 360 works with organizations in many fields that are interested in making an investment in energy efficiency, educating them on the large number of opportunities available from local utilities or entities to offset the initial cost of an efficiency investment. Specializing in handling all of the work necessary when it comes to submitting grant or program applications, the Gotham 360 team will handle everything from gathering information, conducting pre-site inspections, and conducting engineering analyses to developing technical reports, economic evaluations, and executing post-site verifications.

Since establishing an incentive management consultancy, Gotham 360 has secured tens of millions of dollars in energy grants, tax credits, and incentives for institutions across a number of industries. Institutions that have made an investment in energy efficient programs, like Columbia University, have greatly benefited from Gotham 360's in depth knowledge of available incentives and grants.

With the assistance of Gotham 360, making the investment to energy efficiency can be both sustainable and cost efficient.

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