Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day
Happy International Women’s Day from Gotham 360! As a WBE Certified Women-Owned Business, we take pride in uplifting women not only today or this month, but every day.

Gotham 360 was founded in 2007 by Jennifer Kearney, a true pioneer in energy and sustainability, and the team has since grown to include many talented women. In 2016, Jennifer received the Enterprising Women of the Year award, sits on the Advisory Board of Enterprising Women magazine, and is committed to the empowerment of women globally in both her professional and personal life.

Mentoring women is at the heart of Gotham 360’s operations. We have hosted many female interns, who gain real-world experience working with clients and connections through industry networking. Kearney was very passionate about founding a woman-dominated energy company in a male-dominated field because she says young women often lack the resources and confidence needed to advance in the male-dominated engineering and energy industries. She is determined to build young women up: “Women tend to overthink, over plan, hold themselves back and say, ‘I am not ready yet.’ Men plan less and play the rest by ear. They are not afraid because they know they will figure it out later,” she says. “Women must have the confidence and conviction of ‘you can do it, even though you thought you could not.’”

Environmental stewardship is at the heart of our company, and we work hard to empower women in the energy and sustainability sphere. We are a proud sponsor of Women in Sustainability and Energy (WISE), an event series that curates networking opportunities, facilitates knowledge sharing and community building, and provides a platform to highlight the work and voices of diverse women leaders. The events are carefully curated to spotlight women professionals who have pioneered sustainability programs in the government and private sector, built successful startups, and spearheaded social justice campaigns.

Here at Gotham 360, we are passionate about implementing energy efficiency, sustainability, resiliency, and intelligent procurement programs for our clients, and we harness our strengths as powerful women to provide the best solutions possible. Happy International Women’s Day!

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