ReCharge NY Workplace EV Charging Program

ReCharge NY Workplace EV Charging Program

If your business participates in the New York Power Authority (NYPA)’s Recharge NY Program, you may qualify for the ReCharge NY Workplace EV Charging Program. Through a partnership with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), NYPA provides ReCharge participants with free EV charging stations to install at their business locations as well as outreach and education about EVs.

EV charging stations can advance your business’s sustainability and other environmental goals, contribute to a “green” corporate image, improve air quality, provide employee commuter benefits and more. EVs reduce carbon emissions from each mile travelled by 82%. Transportation accounts for 29% of all energy use in the US, and of that 94% of energy used is petroleum-based, so EVs can have a large impact in making transportation more sustainable.

Access to workplace charging is a primary driver in encouraging EV adoption. The convenience of charging over the course of a workday provides a sense of security to first-time EV adoptees, while maximizing the daily range of the car. For buildings seeking to achieve LEED certification, charging infrastructure is a required component. You might be eligible to claim a NYS tax credit for up to $5,000, to cover the costs of installing the EVSE hardware.

If interested in the program, NYPA would assess the technical and economic viability of an EV installation at your location. NYPA provides the hardware and software at no cost. The hardware is yours to keep and the software license expires after 2-3 years, at which point you can elect to renew the license, choose another software-network provider, or operate the EV station without software, which would limit functionality such as a payment system. The costs for the installation of the electric vehicle charging station must be paid for by your company.

The chargers are Level 2 “smart” chargers, and they can typically get the car to a full charge within 4 to 8 hours. The monthly electricity costs depend on your electricity costs and the utilization of the EVSE. Assuming two L2 ports (7.2 kW) being used 10 hours per day; with an all-in price of (10 ct/kWh); results in monthly costs below $150 /month. The provided EVSE management software offers total flexibility in terms of costs recovery, allowing to set the most adequate pricing scheme as well as collecting and billing.

In exchange for the free EVSE, NYPA, NYSERDA, and NYSDEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) request: 1) the sharing of anonymized data about the use of the installed electric vehicle charging stations at your business, and 2) completing a one-page survey one year after the equipment is installed.

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