Women in Energy Organizations - NYC

Women in Energy Organizations - NYC
To continue our celebration of International Women’s Month, Gotham 360 would like to highlight some incredible organizations based in the Northeast that provide opportunities for women in the energy and sustainability industries. As a WBE Certified Women-Owned Business, we take pride in uplifting women not only today or this month, but every day.

As we mentioned in our last blog post, Women in Sustainability and Energy (WISE) is a platform launched by The Building Energy Exchange to showcase impressive women leaders in the industry, and provide a forum for networking and dialogue. This organization is perfect for young women in NYC who are starting to build their careers, as well as for female leaders to take on mentees and impart some of their well-earned expertise.

Last year’s WISE events included discussions with Alicia Barton, the president and CEO of the New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Vicki Kuo, the Director of Energy Efficiency and Demand Management at ConEdison, and Caroline Angoorly, the Chief Operating Officer of the New York Green Bank. Gotham 360 is a proud sponsor of WISE.

Women in Solar Energy (we love WISE acronyms!), is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Boston that works to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the solar industry. WISE was founded in 2011 when Kristen Nicole noticed not only the lack of diversity but the lack of retention of women and minorities in the industry. The organization acts as a networking platform for the solar industry, empowering women through education, capacity building, advocacy, strategic partnerships, networking and events. This organization is great for women in the solar industry to network and learn.

Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO), is an organization based in NYC that works to ensure that global and national policies, programs, and practices incorporate women’s rights; social, economic, and environmental justice; and sustainable development principles. They work to empower women to claim their rights as decision-makers to increase diversity in leadership and recognize that women globally are more directly or severely impacted by climate change. This organization is great for policy-minded women that are looking to incorporate women’s issues and environmental principles into legislation.

Gotham 360 loves to support women making change - both in terms of personal and professional growth, as well as helping the environment. We think these organizations are doing great work to connect, empower and educate women in the energy and sustainability fields. We encourage you to check them out.

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