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Gotham Highlights

Jennifer Kearney will be representing energy consumers who are developing Combined Heat & Power or interested in doing so at an upcoming roundtable discussion on Standby Rates. Her expertise in both Distributed Generation projects and the Standby Service tariff is expected to bring valuable insight to the discussion of this topic as the New York City Utility seeks opportunities to enhance the rate design through the ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’ process. The event will be held from 9:00am-12:00pm on September 19th at the ConEdison Headquarters.

- Gotham 360 is a member of the Womens Network for Energy, the Environment, and Transportation (WNEET) and active in the NY and NJ Chapter
- Active member of AASHE - association for the advancement of sustainability in higher education
- An Energy Star Service Provider & a member of the EPA CHP Partnership
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