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Gotham 360 is a national energy management consultancy headquartered in New York City. Our 360-degree approach provides clients with complete coverage of their energy-related needs. Gotham 360 delivers innovative, fully-integrated, and cost-efficient programmatic solutions that reduce energy consumption and costs, maximize operational efficiency, and help clients navigate the complexities of deregulated energy markets.

We understand the complex relationship between the way organizations procure energy, reduce energy consumption, and maintain good stewardship of the environment, while operating a reliable and resilient business.

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50.8 M

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100+ M

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$470 M

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5 Key Takeaways From Becoming a Fitwel Ambassador

Fitwel is a building certification program developed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the General Services Administration (GSA) that sets standards for design features and operational strategies that support the health of building occupants. Fitwel offers more than 50 evidence-based design and operational strategies generated by expert analysis of over 3,000 academic research studies and tested across a portfolio of buildings. 

Diversity in Energy Spotlight

The environmental justice movement works to address the inequities in US environmental policy which disproportionately expose Black people to environmental hazards including close proximity to waste facilities, poor quality water infrastructure, and air pollution. Last week, we provided a primer on the environmental justice movement which discusses the movement’s origin, history, and urgent relevance today. We will continue to call attention to the environmental justice movement by highlighting organizations doing this important work. Today, we focus on the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance.

WE ACT for Environmental Justice

WE ACT for Environmental Justice was founded in 1988 in response to environmental racism in Harlem. The three founders of WE ACT were fundamental in the beginnings of the environmental justice movement, which officially began in 1991. WE ACT works hard to represent BIPOC voices in an environmentalist movement that is overwhelmingly white. For more information on the environmental justice movement, read our primer here.

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