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NYSERDA Remote Energy Manager Program Deployment with BuildingIQ


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) sought creative proposals from remote energy management service providers that would utilize whole-building level energy data analytics to support energy management, provide insights on energy-savings opportunities, and carry out implementation support activities and/or services that will help customers leverage those insights to achieve energy savings.


Gotham 360, in collaboration with BuildingIQ, was awarded a highly competitive $750,000 grant through the NYSERDA Remote Energy Manager (REM) program to help the YMCA of Greater New York reduce energy consumption across their properties. Our model proposed Gotham 360 as the energy advisor, BuildingIQ as the technology platform, and YMCA of Greater New York as our customer test site.


Buildings, especially older ones, use a lot of energy. Through providing real-time energy usage data to building operators and coupling that data with an advisory service to help identify conservation opportunities, real success can be achieved in driving down energy consumption.

YMCA facilities across New York City are being outfitted with BuildingIQ technology packages, and the building operations managers are receiving training on how to use the Dashboard Portfolio UI. Gotham 360 is providing ongoing training and energy management, based on the real-time energy usage data that is collected.

Ongoing Engagement:

Gotham 360 and BuildingIQ meet regularly with executives from the YMCA of Greater New York, as well as operations managers from the individual YMCA facilities in the city.

Through ongoing training, open communication and an in-depth analysis of energy usage data, the YMCA is identifying achievable methods to improve operating efficiencies across their portfolio. In turn, these small changes in building operations will translate into significant, long-term reductions in overall energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs.

The Remote Energy Manager (REM) program is a highly competitive pilot, fully funded by NYSERDA. The initial award to the YMCA was $400,000, with an additional $350,000 available if certain conservation benchmarks are reached. We are confident that our team will help the YMCA achieve the levels of energy-savings required for the second tranche of funds to be released.