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The industrial sector accounts for more than one-third of all the energy consumed in the United States and 51% of the total global energy usage. These numbers are significantly higher when the transportation costs of the manufactured goods are considered.

Solving Global Energy Challenges

Every industrial enterprise presents a unique set of energy-related challenges. The type and size of the operation, the geography where the facility is located, as well as the applicable local and federal laws, all play a role in determining how best to meet each industrial client's particular energy needs.

Gotham 360 supports key industrial firms like Brooklyn Brewery implementing sound procurement strategies, enabling participation in demand response programs, developing climate action plans, and evaluating sustainability and efficiency upgrade opportunities.

Our goal is to help manufacturers deploy on-site power generation, use less energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive down overall operating costs.

Gotham 360 partners with industrial clients to find the perfect balance between productivity and conservation. We evaluate all aspects of energy consumption and generation, including hot water and steam, compressed air, pumps, motors, fans, lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Our economic models reflect not only the improvements from energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions, but also the applicability to different production practices & their cost effectiveness at individual plants.

360 Degree Approach to Energy Management

Gotham 360 was engaged to apply a holistic approach to Brooklyn Brewery's energy needs, where all aspects of the business were on the table for review. The brewery has already enjoyed significant cost savings, as we implement environmentally sound energy practices to their brewing operations.

Energy resiliency is a paramount concern for manufacturers of all sizes. Let us develop a customized Resiliency 360 strategy for your company deftly balancing costs, ROI, and environmental considerations. Our team will help guide you to a more secure energy future.