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As the healthcare industry adapts to emerging technologies, patient safety, care, and satisfaction must remain at the forefront. Energy resiliency for a hospital is not just critical – it can be a matter of life and death. Efficiency and sustainability measures can drive down costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Balancing Patient Satisfaction & Energy Sustainability

Through the deployment of customized energy strategies, Gotham 360 helps healthcare clients strike a balance between the energy intensity and corresponding utility spend required to run a hospital, and the need to maintain exceptional environmental quality.

Healthcare providers are striving to improve patient outcomes and mitigate against pervasive issues like secondary infections, all while minding the budget.

With our origin tracing back to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Gotham 360 has a deep understanding of the ever-changing energy challenges presented by hospitals, and the importance of prudent cost management to curb steeply rising healthcare costs.

Saving Energy Means Saving Lives

The Center for Health Design has found that patient outcomes improve significantly in healthcare facilities where temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality are effectively managed. Modernizing the HVAC systems in your hospital will save money and enhance the quality of care in your facility.

Generating Energy Cost Savings

Gotham 360 generated significant energy cost savings for NYU Langone Medical Center, at two campus facilities with very different energy load profiles. Dynamic peak shaving was utilized where demand flexibility was available, and deregulated energy products that contain more fixed positions managed the overall cost volatility for the hospital.
Let us develop a Resiliency 360 plan uniquely tailored to your needs, deftly balancing cost, ROI, and environmental considerations. Our team will help guide you to a more secure energy future.