Energy efficiency measures are some of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce air pollution, combat climate change, maintain healthy working and living environments, and reduce energy costs for your business, school, or hospital.
Identifying conservation measures to improve energy efficiency and lower operational costs is a key component of our behind the meter client work.

  • Investment Grade Lighting Audits
  • NYSERDA Remote Energy Manager Program
  • Incentive & Grant Application Submissions
  • Smart Metering & Energy Plant Services
  • Building Automation Modernization
  • Chilled Water Plant Optimization

Going Green Means Saving Green

Gotham 360 develops customized, comprehensive energy efficiency strategies for buildings of all types – hospitals, data centers, cannabis greenhouses, multi-family buildings, large retail spaces, factories, schools, and more.

Efficiency strategies include LED lighting retrofits, thermal insulation, boiler and chiller plant upgrades, and DER deployments – combined heat & power, fuel cell, and solar + battery on-site power generation.

Our approach to efficiency optimization starts with the collection of building-wide technical specifications and performance data, to better understand how your facility operates. With this data, Gotham 360 assembles a unique, product-agnostic mix of conservation measures and green initiatives to maximize the positive impact to your bottom line – and the environment.

Trusted Partners

Gotham 360 is pleased to collaborate with our trusted partners U.S. Green Building Council, International Well Building Institute and Building Energy Exchange to promote efficiency programs.

Develop Your Efficiency Strategy

Gotham 360 will customize a product-agnostic mix of conservation measures and green initiatives, to maximize the positive impact to your bottom line – and the environment.

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