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Data Centers

The global population becomes more interconnected every day, and data centers must grow in size and speed to keep up with demand. Experts predict that data centers will consume 20% of the world’s power by 2025. Developing resilient, sustainable energy strategies is vital for the prolonged success of the data center sector.

Sustainable Power for a Resilient Future

Data centers are huge consumers of power, and energy use represents the largest component of the typical operating budget. Gotham 360 works with data center owners to drive down costs, improve overall efficiency, and protect against unforeseen power interruptions.

Environmental stewardship is playing an increasingly larger role in the design, construction and operation of modern data centers. Proper energy management can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive down costs.

360 Degrees of Energy Management

Gotham 360 develops sustainable and resilient energy solutions for data centers, including real-time energy management and grid-parallel microgrids:

  • Procurement – Negotiation of power and gas contracts to reduce costs and mitigate against market volatility
  • Incentive Programs – Analysis of renewable energy incentives from local, state, and federal entities
  • Distributed Energy Resources – Clean, on-site power generation: Fuel Cell, CHP, Solar + Battery
  • Project Management – Peer review of construction documents to assess costs, risks, operation, and maintenance
  • Resiliency 360 – Providing energy certainty in uncertain times
Recent technological advances have made it possible for data center operators to combine multiple grid applications, creating new revenue streams that improve the economics for Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as Fuel Cells, Combined Heat & Power, Solar + Battery, and Microgrid deployments.

This technique, known as Value Stacking, affords data center owners the opportunity to drastically reduce the amount of power they purchase from the grid, which drives down operating costs. Most importantly, clean on-site power generation protects against a data center's greatest adversary – down time. With a properly engineered DER in place, a data center can disconnect from the grid and enter Island Mode, in case of a prolonged power outage.

Develop a Resiliency 360 action plan, uniquely tailored to your needs - deftly balancing cost, ROI, continuity of business and environmental considerations. Our team will help guide you to a more secure energy future.