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Financial institutions require massive amounts of power – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – as do the myriad facilities, physical assets and data centers required to support them. Resiliency, therefore is of the utmost importance. The consequences of a prolonged power disruption could prove disastrous.

Resiliency For The World's Economic Engine

Hurricane Sandy served as a wake-up call to the entire financial sector. Several of the largest Wall Street institutions suffered massive damage – entire data centers were lost. Following the storm, firms such as Bank of America constructed new buildings, incorporating on-site power generation, sophisticated building automation and microgrid technologies, to mitigate against the next disaster.

Gotham 360 helps financial firms prepare for the unexpected, with our comprehensive Resiliency 360 platform. Grid-independent power generation and on-site energy storage solutions provide our clients with energy certainty, cost savings and new revenue streams.

360 Degree Energy Management

The financial sector functions as the central nervous system of the world's economy, and as such it uses massive amounts of energy. Gotham 360 supports large financial institutions, with a wide range of services:

  • Sustainable & Renewable Energy Procurement
  • On-Site, Resilient Power Generation - Fuel Cell, Combined Heat & Power
  • Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Reduction Strategies
  • Climate Action Plans & Corporate Sustainability Training

Innovative Energy Solutions

Through the application of proven best practices and innovative technologies like Fuel Cell, CHP and Energy Storage solutions – Gotham 360 supports the financial sector, with the deployment of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), resiliency programs, energy procurement in deregulated markets, efficiency measures and the formulation of successful sustainability strategies.

Let us develop a Resiliency 360 plan uniquely tailored to your needs, deftly balancing cost, ROI, and environmental considerations. Our team will help guide you to a more secure energy future.