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Deregulated energy markets from New York to Colorado provide opportunities for organizations of all sizes to reduce energy costs, mitigate risk and protect against energy price volatility. Deploying sound procurement strategies is the key.

The Gotham 360 team is comprised of Certified Energy Procurement Professionals, as sanctioned by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Sustainable Procurement

  • Fixed Rate Products
  • Managed Block/Index Products
  • Renewable Energy Credits (REC)
  • Proprietary Procurement Execution Software
  • Renewable Energy Wholesale Transactions

Energy Procurement & Purchasing

Gotham 360 brings a unique perspective to deregulated market operations. Our team of procurement specialists are continually monitoring the energy markets and informing our clients of favorable purchasing opportunities. We offer the option of executing a procurement deal via our in-house reverse auction platform, for enhanced competitive pressure. All Gotham 360 procurement strategies are fully-aligned with our clients’ budget constraints and risk profiles.

Our proven procurement strategies provide Gotham 360 clients with a competitive edge. We actively match purchased volumes with real-world energy requirements, advising our clients how to reduce energy consumption at strategic times to improve cost effectiveness. Gotham 360 procurement solicitations include detailed screening of potential suppliers for credit worthiness, full contract review and negotiation, and an analysis of the most appropriate service terms and products available to meet our client’s budgetary and sustainability objectives.

Primary Fuel Types

  • Gotham 360 works with clients in the 24 states that offer full deregulation of electricity, assisting them in energy procurement, negotiating, and ultimately executing the most reliable and economic supply contracts. Our comprehensive deployment of strategy includes: conducting market research, energy profiling, legal review of contracts, running the RFP process, bid analysis, and presentation of financial implications of pricing options.
  • In the 19 states that offer full deregulation and the five states that offer "partial choice" for natural gas, Gotham 360 helps clients take advantage of significant cost savings. Most local utility companies have little motivation or incentive to lower costs, but by participating in a competitive process, it’s expected that at least 10-20% per MMBTU savings are achievable.
  • Gotham 360 works with customers who rely solely on fuel oil or are dependent on dual fuel plant operations, securing the most advantageous strategy for purchasing what may be the world's most volatile market. In the case of our dual fuel clients, we’ve been able to exploit profitable arbitrage opportunities with fuel switching. Our team is constantly monitoring the fuel oil market, identifying the best opportunities for our clients to help generate savings by switching from their primary fuel source to an alternate fuel.
  • Our competitive program allows us to purchase power from wind, municipal waste gas, hydroelectric, solar, and biomass sources at sharp market prices. Through the purchase of green energy, many of our clients are actively reducing their carbon footprint, achieving corporate and institutional sustainability goals in the process.

Your Procurement Strategy Awaits

Gotham 360 develops procurement strategies, customized to match your budgetary objectives and tolerance for financial and operational risk. The results: Long-term energy budgeting that yields consistent results, meets your goals, and fits your company exclusively.