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Articles in Category: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

Greenhouse gas reduction plans address major sources of emission that contribute to climate change. Learn how to incorporate them into your business plan here.

Your Business’s Guide to the Paris Climate Agreement

Learn How This Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan Will Affect Your New York City-area Business

Your Business’s Guide to the Paris Climate Agreement

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues that society faces, and it will undoubtedly affect ecosystems, society as a whole, and businesses. As a result, companies must take a proactive approach to create strategies that reduce risk and give a competitive advantage in a changing world.

In this blog series, we will be focusing on climate legislation starting on the federal level and then working our way down to local legislation in New York and New York City. In our first blog, we will cover the Paris Climate Agreement. Read on to learn the answers to your questions about the Paris Climate Agreement, a greenhouse gas reduction plan, and its effects on New York, the country, and the world.