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Preparing for the Local Law 97 Climate Legislation

Discover what your business needs to know about upcoming carbon emission limits

Preparing for the Local Law 97 Climate Legislation

New York City has committed to achieving carbon neutrality in the coming decades to reduce the impacts of climate change and create a more sustainable future. One step that has been taken towards achieving this goal was the passage of the Climate Mobilization Act and Local Law 97. However, these policies alone may be insufficient to reach the ambitious goals set out by the New York City Government.

A study commissioned by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS), Con Edison, and National Grid determined that large-scale coordination and collaboration will be required to address climate change at the pace and scale that climate scientists recommend, and ongoing innovation, new technology, high-quality carbon offsets, and more will be needed. Still, these cutting-edge policies are an important testament to NYC’s dedication to sustainability.

Keep reading to learn more about Local Law 97 climate legislation and how your business can better prepare your sustainable energy strategy for a greener future in New York City and surrounding areas.